Budget Friendly Meal Ideas

Healthy, nourishing food doesn't have to be expensive. Here are some stellar examples.

I’m always looking to save money on healthy foods and create recipes that are easy enough for anyone to prepare. Healthy, nourishing food doesn’t have to be more expensive than junk. Here are some stellar examples.


Kick off the day with any of these quick and easy breakfasts. Frozen fruit and pantry staples like nut butter and salsa elevate a meal in seconds.

Peanut butter + whole grain bread + sliced banana = healthy PB sandwich

Frozen fruit + plain Greek yogurt + 100% fruit juice = fruit smoothie

Whole wheat tortillas + eggs + salsa  = breakfast burritos

Frozen waffles + peanut butter + fruit = loaded waffles

Bagel + eggs + tomato + avocado = egg sandwich

Lunches + Dinners

Healthy canned options like tuna, beans and olives are some of the secret weapon in these healthy meals.

Pasta + tuna + canned beans + Italian dressing = tuna pasta salad

Canned beans + canned tomatoes + chili powder + canned corn = veg chili

Wheat tortillas + Rice + Salsa + cooked chicken + Avocado = bean burrito

Canned soup + pasta or canned beans = extra satisfying soup

Black olives, chickpeas, bell pepper + red onion + balsamic vinaigrette = chopped salad

Bagels + marinara + part skim mozzarella = pizza bagels

Rice + frozen veggies + tofu + teriyaki = tofu stir fry

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