Feeding Kids: Paying Attention to Fortified Foods


I admit I turn to fortified foods to help meet shortfalls in my daughters’ diets. Calcium and vitamin D fortified OJ helps for one who isn’t crazy about dairy and iron fortified cereals help the other who’s prone to anemia. BUT there is such thing as too much.

New Report

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), their previous works include The Dirty Dozen and countless other reports about the food we eat have released a new report today about the dangers of excessively fortified foods — especially for children and pregnant women. The report How Much Is Too Much? identifies foods like cereals and snack bars as major concerns, causing kiddos to take in dangerous amounts of supplements nutrients including vitamin A, niacin and zinc – all of which can be toxic.

Call to Action for Parents

The best advice I can give parents is to pay closer attention. Look at labels and account for all those nutrients – if it seems like foods that are staples in your child’s diet are too high in certain nutrients – it’s time to make a switch!

Read the full report from EWG here

Bottom line is……(as always)….. Real labels carefully and food should always come first!


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