Cooking With Kids: Fun in the Kitchen



One of the best ways to get your little ones to eat better is to get them involved (there’s research to prove it)! From the garden, to the grocery store, to the kitchen …. giving the kiddos some control over what they’re eating can make all the difference!

10 Kid-Friendly Cooking Jobs

  1. Sprinkle cheese on tacos & pizza
  2. Play “name that veggie” at the farmers’ market
  3. Let them choose which fruit to have with breakfast
  4. Roll out dough for pizza & cookies
  5. Swirl fruit and honey into plain yogurt
  6. Pick tomatoes from the garden
  7. Scrub potatoes for oven fries
  8. Measure out ingredients for their favorite recipe
  9. Search the web and food mags together for inspiration
  10. Make finger food like muffins and chicken fingers


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