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Managing three kids on a weekday morning is hectic to say the least! My family loves a good smoothie but we don’t always have time to make one in the blender. We also love Greek yogurt and are forever in search of ways to incorporate some into meals and snacks. I’ve partnered with Chobani to brainstorm five fresh and fun ways to incorporate one of their newest products – Drink Chobani – into a busy family routine.
8 Flavors, 5 Ways To Enjoy
Grabbing a bottle of Drink Chobani drinkable yogurt is a portable way to get in more of those tummy-pleasing probiotics. Each serving contains around 200 calories, at least 14 grams of protein and 25 percent of the daily-recommended calcium. Each fun flavor is made with only natural ingredients and real fruit.
Sipping is certainly a popular method, but you can also enjoy these beverages in other ways.

  1. Use Mango as a dipping sauce for pancakes and waffles in place of maple syrup and save more than 20 grams of sugar per 2 tablespoon serving.
  2. On the go after a workout? Grab some Apple Veg to help tired muscles recover.
  3. Combine Mix’t Berries with rolled oats in a jar and store in the fridge overnight – breakfast with a protein boost (3g more than low fat milk) will be waiting in the morning!
  4. Pack up the new Peach Drink Chobani for a school snack or sip at the office to prevent an afternoon slump.
  5. Pour Pina Colada into popsicle molds with chunks of fresh pineapple and coconut chips then freeze.

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  1. Chobani argues that the lingering bitter aftertaste of stevia is covered up by the addition of a small amount of cane sugar, but you’ll have to try one to decide for yourself!

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