Back To School: Rock The Lunch Box


With the craziness of the school year in full swing, it’s easy to become frustrated and uninspired. I’ve got two very different eaters to pack lunch for everyday so I’ve partnered with Applegate, Rudi’s Organic Bakery, Honest Kids and Annie’s to help Rock The Lunch Box for my girls.

Up Your Lunch Game
Try not to over think when prepping lunches. Choose fresh ingredients and clean foods that hold up well when packed away for a few hours. Get excited about lunch and your kids will too. A few more tips for success ….

1)    Make a game plan – spend a few minutes over the weekend writing down a day-by-day plan – it will help take the endless nagging out of the picture each morning.

2)    Make it fun – love notes, fun shapes, lots of colors – entice your little ones to dive right into to those lunch boxes.

3)    Give standby ingredients new life – chop up granola bars and smash a sandwich into a waffle iron! Here are 2 examples that recently went over well with my kids.

Lunch #1: Soup and Waffle Sammies
A waffle maker can pull double duty as a sandwich press. Heat up a combo of deli meat and cheese (Applegate featured here, of course) and then make a quick batch of Microwave Tomato Soup. Finally toss in some Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies for some crunch. My daughters not only love the look of this lunch – it’s a fun combination of flavors and textures.


Lunch #2: Veggie & Hummus “Sushi” with Power Snack Mix
Hummus and thinly sliced vegetables rolled in a tortilla then sliced into finger food. I used Rudi’s Gluten Free Tortillas here. Keep those tiny fingers excited with a granola bar adorned snack mix and wash it down with a refreshing, low-sugar sipper from Honest Kids.


A special thanks to the Rock The Lunch Box partners for providing the fun food to play with.

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