Jul 31

Beet Chips with Goat Cheese Guacamole

A forever favorite of the delicious pairings in foodie’s eyes might be that of beets and goat cheese. Tangy, creamy goat cheese paired with a sweet, earthy beet provides a flavor profile that makes the taste buds giggle and hungry hands reach for more bites. While enjoying the summer months, why not keep on enjoying this winning combo as a reinvention of a picnic favorite: chips and guacamole. But not…

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Jul 26

Weekend Project – Pickled Veggies

Are all those cukes and other fresh summer veggies piling up in your kitchen? Then it’s time for homemade pickles. These recipes for refrigerator pickles could not be easier and the final product can be enjoyed with all kinds of summertime foods. Burgers, fish tacos, sandwiches – just to name a few. HOMEMADE PICKLE RECIPES

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Jul 23

Cooking With Kids: Fun in the Kitchen

     One of the best ways to get your little ones to eat better is to get them involved (there’s research to prove it)! From the garden, to the grocery store, to the kitchen …. giving the kiddos some control over what they’re eating can make all the difference! 10 Kid-Friendly Cooking Jobs Sprinkle cheese on tacos & pizza Play “name that veggie” at the farmers’ market Let them…

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Jul 17

MVP Recipes – Summer Edition

There are a few recipes that people ask for again and again ….. I guess they are my MVPs thus far. Here are some summertime favorites….. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins This easy recipe uses less processed ingredients and they come out perfect every time. They are a perfect go-to recipes for everything from Sunday brunch to playdates. Quesadilla Lasagna I love to make this for friends and family when they…

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Jul 12

Prime Time for the Farmers’ Market

  July is when things really start heating up at my local markets. Here are some tips for keeping things safe and budget-friendly! Basic FM Shopping Tips Food Safety Tips for the Farmers’ Market      

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Jul 07

Beat the Heat: Banana Milkshake

Looking for a healthy way to cool off? Try this ice cream-free milkshake. Whirl 2 frozen bananas with a cup of low fat (1%) milk in a blender. Enjoy plain or flavor with fresh fruit, pumpkin seeds, a spoonful of peanut butter or a handful of mini chocolate chips. For a more grown up version – add a splash of rum to this “Banilla” Shake  

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Jul 02

Cooking with Kids: Rainy Day Recipes

The weather has been pretty lousy in my neck of the woods and that means the kids are going stir crazy. Here are some kid-friendly summertime treats to make together! Fresh Mint Shake (pictured above) Blackberry-Peach Crisp Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins Fresh Raspberry Sauce – serve over yogurt or ice cream      

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Jun 28

Strawberry Sensation

Contributed by Devan Alusik It’s strawberry season and the wave of pandemonium over these delicious morsels of sweetness can be seen every from kitchens to restaurants to ice cream trucks. The star of the show in baked goods, salads, desserts, popsicles, breakfast and drinks, there’s no wrong way to eat a strawberry. With a short shelf life and delicate structure, it’s important to not only store them properly in a…

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Jun 20

Calling All Mommies!

I am working on some new recipes custom build for busy moms! Mini muffins? smoothies? chicken fingers? Leave comments below and let me know what healthy kid-friendly recipes you wish you had in your repertoire.  

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Jun 18

Frozen Treat Round Up

I must say, I have made some gosh darn delicious frozen goodies for Healthy Eats! Here’s a round up of some favorites – grab a spoon! Peaches & Cream Frozen YogurtOne-Ingredient Banana Ice CreamBlack Raspberry-Vanilla GranitaGourmet Ice PopsDark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Which is your favorite?

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