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Meal Planning Tips: Dinner Road Map



Making healthy and kid-friendly weeknight dinners is important to me – but sometimes it’s hard to pull off! Every Sunday I make a road map for the week – 3 steps to keep me on track.

Step 1: Give each day a theme

One day is fish, one is vegetarian, Friday is always pizza. That leaves 2 days – I try to make one from the crock-pot or by pulling something out of my freezer. For the last day, anything goes. Assign each theme to a day depending on your schedule and make room for a short shopping list in case there’s something you need to pick up.

Step 2: Get (a little) more specific

Build on the days with something more specific – a new crock-pot recipe you want to try or what type of fish you just picked up at the market.

Step 3: Round it out

If the mood strikes you, makes the meals more definitive based on what’s in the fridge. Finish off the shopping list and guess what – if it doesn’t happen according to this plan  – SO WHAT ?! Dinner is never set in stone as far as I’m concerned but at least you’ve made a rough plan so there’s one less thing to worry about.