Jun 20

Calling All Mommies!


I am working on some new recipes custom build for busy moms!

Mini muffins? smoothies? chicken fingers? Leave comments below and let me know what healthy kid-friendly recipes you wish you had in your repertoire.


2 responses to “Calling All Mommies!”

  1. Lauren Arnone says:

    I would love some recipes for protein rich foods as my daughter will not eat any meat. Thanks Dana!!

  2. Kelly (New Leaf Wellness) says:

    Anything with meat would be great! I’ve been wanting to try mini chicken pot pies made in muffin tins too. Something that would be a cute, healthy snack to take to pre-school in the fall on our snack days. Homemade popsicles. Homemade fruit snacks (I’ve been experimenting with those). I’ll keep thinking!

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